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New Delhi, October 11, 2017: For the first time ever, South India Chef’s Association (SICA) organized SICA Europe Culinary Tour 2017recently for 25 Corporate Chefs and Executive Chefs. Chefs from South India took part in this tour covering Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain from 11th September to 27th September 2017.Leading lights from the culinary world were part of the delegation.

The chefs visited facilities of renowned organizations like Blanco, MKN, FonderiaFinco, Electrolux-Italy,Electrolux-Switzerland andSalva.

Please find below a snapshot of their itinerary:

11th Sep

· SICA team arrived at Frankfurt; Picked up by Blanco, Germany’s largest Kitchen equipment manufacturer

· Here the SICA team got to try out authentic Maultaschen -A traditional German dish that originated in the region of Swabia in Baden-Württemberg

· Dinner was arranged by Blanco at Loewenthor restaurant dating back to 1701 with interesting medieval interiors

12th Sep

SICA team visited the Blanco factory and the vineyards in the southern part of Germany, often referred to asthe Tuscany of Germany

13th Sep

SICA team traveled toWolfenbuttel by train, a beautiful town with ancient historic buildings. This is the birthplace and only place where Jägermeisterherb liqueur is distilled. MKN, one of the world’s leading kitchen equipment suppliers is based in this city too.

14th &15th Sep

· SICA team visited MKN’s factory

· At MKN the visiting delegation participated in a Chefs’ Workshop and Cooking Master Class of German cuisine. This was demonstratedinthe Flexi Chef combi-oven

· SICA member Chefs experimented Indian food in the Flexi Chef combi-oven for lunch including some Kebabs. The session offered a great learning experience ofSous Vide cooking in combi-ovens

· Dinner was organized at an Italian restaurant named Ristorante Giovanni 

16th Sep

· The team left for Berlin for sightseeing arranged by MKN which included a river cruise and participation at Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk fair and beer festival.

17th Sep

· The SICA delegation departed from Berlin to Venice

· The team’s local host was FonderiaFinco, Italy’s five-decade old manufacturer of cast iron utensils for healthy and natural cooking. The team indulges in sightseeingespecially the night view of the city

· Dinner was at the iconic Michelin 2-star Italian restaurant Ristorante Do ForniVenezia

18th Sep

· The schedule for the day included FonderiaFinco factory visit and Culinary Workshop

· Special dinner workshop of Italian and Oriental food by local master Chef GianlucaTomasi, 5 course with local wines was arranged by FonderiaFinco

19th Sep

· SICA Chefs arrived at Electrolux headquarters at Pordenone, Italy for the Electrolux Master Class

· For lunch, SICA Chefs along with Chefs fromthe Electrolux Chefs Academy prepared Indian food in their combi-oven

· Electrolux Chefs also conducted some interesting demos

· They learned cook chilled reheat and serve technology

· Dinner was at Prosciutteriaf.lli martin at Pordenone, an awesome joint for Italian dry-cured ham, Prosciutto, fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, Burrata, and the finest selection of Italian wines

· A memorable experience for the team was the opportunity to Prosciutto di Parmadated 2005

20th Sep

· The team visited Electrolux factory and witnessed equipment demos

  • Dinner was at AlaCartina Pordenone, Italy

21st Sep

· The team drove down from Pordenone, Italy to Electrolux Professional production center at Sursee Switzerland. This is also their worldwide Competence Center. This is where the Thermaline brand is manufactured

· Enroute to Sursee the team visited the Lucerne lake

· Dinner was at Hotel Wilden Mann Luzern, Switzerland. It was planned as a formal dinner with the 500-year old restaurant offering the perfect setting

22nd Sep

· The day was devoted to the factory visit and workshop at the Thermalineproduction center of Electrolux

· A Master Class for SICA Chefs was performed by Chef Helen with Electrolux Professional’sThermaline range of equipment

· The SICA Chefs along with Chef Helen prepared various Swiss and Indian dishes with Thermalineequipment

23rd Sep

· The team left for San Sebastián, a coastal city in Basque, Spain and home to Salva, a global leader in industrial ovens

· For dinner, the SICA Chefs had Pintxos, a small local snack at the famous Gran Sol skyscraper hotel’s Senrabar and Ardora restaurant. They are quintessential Basque and form the backbone of the local food culture

24th Sep

· The SICA team indulged in local sightseeing at San Sebastián

· Lunch was at AsadorAlaiaRestaurante, Monte Igueldo, San Sebastian, Spain, the most scenic restaurant

· SICA member Chefs were offered the best Seafood Paella. Paella is a Valencian rice dish and considered by many as Spain’s national dish. This was a lifetime experience for the Chefs

25th Sep

· SICA Chefs visited Basque Culinary Center. A Master Class in Bakery awaited them at the one and only culinary institute in Europe

· Salva organized a bread making session with some of the best bakers of Spain at the Basque Culinary Center. It was a great learning experience for SICA Chefs

· Dinner was at Hotel Maria Cristina’s Michelin star pop up restaurant run by Chef Helene Darroze.Hotel Maria Cristina, known for the Film Festival since 1953, still attracts big names from Hollywood: Woody Allen, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt and Susan Sarandon. The team just missed Arnold Schwarzenegger who was staying in the hotel

26th Sep

· The team visited Salva factory and had a great learning session on bakery ovens

· Lunch was arranged at the Basque Culinary Institute along with the students

27th Sep

The SICA team completed their 17-day Europe Culinary Tour and returned to India.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)

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